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Take a Radiator Off the Wall

Sometimes you may want to temporarily remove a radiator. You shouldn’t need to remove a radiator just to decorate behind it. You can normally paint behind the radiator with small paint roller with a long handle; you can normally cut slits in wallpaper and paper around the brackets. Having said that, removing a radiator can give a better finished result.


  • 2 adjustable spanners
  • Bowl or Bucket
  • Towel/dust sheet
  • Radiator bleed key


Always ensure the central heating is off and that you allow sufficient time for it to cool down, before you attempt remove a radiator. Failure to do this might see hot water escaping and causing burns if care is not taken.


Turn using your hand the TRV clockwise until the valve is closed (1). Next, remove the plastic cap off the Lockshield Valve (2) and turn with an adjustable spanner clockwise. Make a note of how many turns it takes to close, so you can open it later to the same setting.


Pull the floor covering away from the radiator (to protect the floor covering) and place old sheets/ towels on the floor around the TRV. Place a small bowl directly underneath the TRV to catch the water this may be black and stain anything it come in contact with.


Next, using the radiator key loosen off the Bleed Valve, this will allow the water to exit. Take both adjustable spanners and place one on the TRV (not the plastic head) (3) to stop it moving, and use the other spanner to loosen the nut next to the radiator. As the nut is loosened, water will start to escape so be ready with your bowl. When the bowl is full, tighten the nut up to stop the water flow, empty your bowl and repeat until the water has stopped.


Now undo the other nut that holds the Lockshield Valve (4) onto the radiator, use both spanners as before. Next, carefully lift the radiator off its brackets, and empty any remaining water into a bucket (5). Put the radiator somewhere where it will not get damaged or scratched (6). If you are going to paint or decorate while the radiator is removed, then cover the exposed pipes.


Carefully place the radiator back onto its brackets, making sure the valves line up with the radiator. Tighten both nuts to reconnect the valves to the radiator (don’t over tighted). close the Bleed valve fully. Using the adjustable spanner turn the Lockshield Valve the same amount of turns as before anticlockwise. Now turn the TRV anti-clockwise to open the valve. As the radiator fills up you will need to bleed the radiator SEE bleeding a radiator. You may also need to refil the system - see repressurising boiler information sheet.


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