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Frozen Condensate Pipes

Even the best loved boiler will struggle to function if its condensate pipe freezes. Luckily, it's not a big job to put things right if it does happen. This handy guide will help you get your boiler up and running quickly and easily. With NO or little cost and no need for an engineer.

A condensate pipe carries condensation from your boiler to the drain. It's is plastic pipe that travels from your boiler to a drain

During cold weather the condensation in this pipe may freeze and cause a blockage causing the condensate to back up into the boiler and cause a shutdown.

Frozen Condensate Pipe

You may have a code fault on you boiler display:

  • Vaillant  F27 F28 F29
  • Baxi E133
  • Worcester EA D5 or a flashing blue light
  • Potterton E133 E1 or 33
  • Glowwarm F1 F4

If you suspect that your boiler condensate pipe has frozen, following steps should help you get things back to normal quickly. Remember, if you don't feel competent to follow this guidance then you should contact Trevolution ltd where an engineer will come and fix it for you.

Confirm the condensate pipe is frozen

Depending on the make of your boiler, a frozen condensate pipe may be indicated by a 'fault code' or warning light on the boiler's display. Gurgling or bubbling sounds coming from the boiler or the condensate pipe are another sign that the condensate pipe has frozen.

Locate the blockage

The pipe is probably frozen at its most exposed point. This may be the open end of the pipe, or at a bend in the pipe. Running your hands over the pipe until you find a section that feels colder than the rest should help you identify the blockage quickly.

Thaw the pipe

Using a jug or watering can, pour warm water DO NOT USE BOILING WATER along the length of the pipe, repeating the process until the pipe has thawed

Restart your boiler

Once the frozen section has been melted and cleared, check your boiler manual for instructions on how to reset the boiler correctly. Your boiler should now restart correctly. If you boiler doesn't restart you will need to call Trevolution ltd

You can avoid future stress by taking some steps to help prevent the condensate pipe from freezing again.

  • Is the pipe the right size
  • Is there any unaselry bends
  • Is it lagged
  • Would trace heating help

If you are still having problems then give us a ring or drop us email and we will be more then happy to help 

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